Sunday, June 6, 2010

This Week In The Jaysophere (5/30-6/5)

Again a day late, because we were up all night celebrating the Jays' signing of DeWayne Wise.

Hey casual fans, you're missing a good season (The Tao of Stieb)
For protesting the treatment of Michael Wilner (Drunk Jays Fans)
On first-pitch home runs (Ghostrunner on First)
Talking about steroids without once uttering the word 'steroids' (Ghostrunner on First)
Why is a Jays blog talking about soccer? (Bluebird Banter)
More on Cito vs. Mike (Bluebird Banter)
As of this moment, I can still access Blue Jay Hunter on my Rogers Internet connection (The Blue Jay Hunter)
Hey, remember those ninth-inning collapses? (John McDonald's Cabinet)


  1. Thanks for the link, Ryan. Were you having problems accessing the site earlier?

  2. No, but you questioned Cito--if Rogers doesn't like that, they could get even pettier!